Welcome to ZINCO company

Constant improvement of zinc oxide technology production and its byproducts is the key principle of our job

 We manufacture zinc oxide for all kinds of its applications

Our history

The history of the plant starts in 1944, when Chelyabinsk Plant of Paints and Coatings opened a zinc oxide facility. In the 1990s it had a number of reorganizations, which didn’t help to overcome the financial decay. In 2005 zinc oxide production was shut down. The renewal of ZINCO started in 2007 with new management and shareholders.


Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide

Grade BZ0M GOST 202-84. Synthetic inorganic white pigment.

Zinc oxide feed grade

Spec. 2329-003-99273051-2012. Zinc plays an important role in animal feedstuff production


Zinc casting alloys

The Bank of Russia, USD05.08.202172,7857