ZINCO purchase

ZINCO purchase
Advantages of working with ZINCO
  • Regular purchase of raw materials for own production.
  • Prompt and timely payment.
  • High demand for secondary zinc: up to 1000 tons per month.
  • Long-term cooperation on a contractual basis.
  • License for handling hazardous waste available.
  • We work with companies and plants from different countries and are always ready to cooperate with you.

Zinc containing materials suitable for recycling and complying with GOST 1639-2009:
Hard zinc (FeZn) is a minor product obtained during hot-dip galvanizing. The hard zinc taken from the bottom of baths in the form of silver or black pieces is the zinc-richest waste. The zinc content in the hard zinc is 85-97%.

Zinc ash is a free-flowing powder with over 1 mm fineness of its considerable amount (about 80%). It is formed during hot-dip galvanizing of steel semi-finished products. The zinc content in the ash is 40-75%.

Zinc-aluminum-copper scrap is a product obtained from crushing body, reinforcement, decorative parts of cars and tractors: carburetor bodies, pumps, speedometers frames, radiator enclosures, handles.

Zinc-aluminum-copper waste products are molten or solid substance of variable composition, covering the surface of a liquid product during a metallurgical process. They are formed after galvanizing and casting process.

Zinc chips are wastes of zinc-containing materials recycling.

Other: Parts of aircraft and car devices, chemical power sources; printing forms, dross (removed waste), other zinc containing materials with at least 50% of Zn.

The cost of purchased material depends on the LME quotes. Terms of materials purchasing are discussed with each supplier individually.